Ozzie's (and Jake’s) Online Home
Welcome! It’s been nine wonderful years for Ozzie, and the big guy’s still going strong. Regular visitors here know how we got Ozzie; the Sunday drive, the cardboard sign that said “Free Puppies!," the impulse decision, the wet car on the ride home. Best rash decision we ever made.

Well. We were on a drive with Ozzie a few weeks ago, and, yeah, we saw another sign. Result: Ozzie has a new puppie to play with.Meet Jake, 13 pounds of tail and tongue.

Ozzie (and Jake) welcome you to their happy home!

Ozzie thinks it's all about him. He's usually right.
Ozzie's Diet:

  • Organic rice

  • Chicken

  • Beef by-products

  • Green kibble

  • 1/2 egg each day

  • Oil supplement

  • Vitamin powder